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This house has no similar. It is not intended, it is not assembled, it is not intentional.

A magical place, a strange place. Come live it

LAT: 39° 0’17.26″N / LONG: °33’26.29″O


From the moment it was built to this day, Herdade da Agolada de Cima has always remained in the same family. Less than an hour away from Lisbon, where the Alentejo ends and the Ribatejo begins, Agolada is a place full of energy and life, where many have passed and enjoyed. 

In the early 20th century, Luís Adolfo de Sommer built the Casa Grande do Monte to support the agricultural house and to support the hunting days. In the 1960’s, the house was remodeled by the father of the current owner, D. António Maria Sommer de Mello – 6th in line Count of Murça. After his death in 1995, Agolada de Cima was divided into three parts that belonged to three of his children. One of which who began holding events in the main house in 2002 and still to this day.

“This house has no similar. It’s not  on purpose, it’s not assembled, it’s not intentional. It is the present life, it is the years that have passed, it is the soul that remains, that has remained, that is in stone and lime.”

Gui Abreu Lima
in Blue Living Nº 17


 The easy access to Agolada and Coruche, from anywhere you are in Portugal

Estradas que se cruzam e ligam capitais: a de Portugal – Lisboa; a do Ribatejo – Santarém e a do Alentejo– Évora.

Coruche is the Capital of cork, from which 8% of the national cork is extracted, 5 million corks are produced daily. About 50% of the municipality of Coruche is composed of forest, a mixture between rose and pine trees; There is a huge production of excellence both for the products generated: wood, cork and pine of quality and economic value, for the richness of fauna and flora but also for the high environmental contribution and combined ecological value.

Surrounded by 1000 hectares of land, the powerful energy of the house tells the story of years spent with heart and soul. A place of intimacy and timeless nature, where the authentic Portuguese spirit lives and breathes without limitations. The movement of the earth, of the trees, the rhythm of life that belongs to it, to this unique land with an endless landscape where the wind moves without limits and the water gives life to everything it touches.

Coruche marks the southern border of the Ribatejo region, in the most extensive municipality of the district of Santarém and the tenth largest in Portugal.

The Farm

When you arrive, imagine yourself living there 100 years ago: with a very strong character, Agolada’s rustic trace does not go unnoticed. The long corridors, thick walls, stone floors and wooden doors are part of the main house, with capacity for 22 people sleeping over 11 double rooms.

The dining room and living room are welcoming and are always ready to welcome our guests in the best possible way, either during winter with the spacious fireplaces lit or in the summer with a feeling of freshness by the thick walls that protect from the high temperatures outside. Still in the main house, downstairs there is a wide industrial kitchen ready to receive excellent chefs that prepare the best meals for a large number of people, as well as the arcade room, that can sit more than 200 people.

Around the main house are Agolada’s little houses, as we say in Portuguese “casinhas”. These were inhabited by the caretakers and most of the workers of HAC, today they are small individual houses with bedrooms, toilet and living room where in total, around 80 people can sleep.

In 2002 the tent was built between the main house and the lake, under the tall eucalyptus trees. Fully immersed in nature, it gives us the feeling that the tent is part of the wild nature of the area. It can sit up to 300 people inside, it gives floor to the dancing area and shelter on rainy and cold days. 

The houses are rustic, unpretentious, and decorated with elements of the Estate that have been there since forever, recovered, now adorn the corners of the various houses, which during the years have been having various uses.

With 1000 hectares of land, it is the perfect place for those who yearn for a sense of freedom and fresh open spaces to celebrate and immerse themselves entirely in the heart of nature. A paradise for friends, family and children with places to explore, unique gardens and exemplary typical architecture. Swimming pool, lakes, dams, endless secret paths to explore, there is much to discover and enjoy.

imagine yourself living there 100 years ago

This house is the present life, it is the years that have passed, it is the soul that remains, that stayed, that is stone and lime, and hopefully will remain the same for a little while longer


With the change of times, business models change too. HAC’s estate at the turn of the millennium has changed its business area, thus going from being a predominantly agricultural homeland to becoming a space for wedding ceremonies and various types of events.   

We look to the future as an opportunity to become closer to nature and to ourselves, to focus and look at what really matters, to give ourselves time and space, tranquility and peace. 

From religious ceremonies, music events, weekends away with friends, spiritual ceremonies, wellness retreats, exhibitions and even holiday camps for children, the flexibility of the space and the ability to adapt to every request, HAC is a space to take it all in, to give and receive, a place where all the elements gather and create the perfect setting for every show that passes by.

What our kind guests say about us

Não é fácil descrever. Nem eu nem o António conseguimos relatar e mostrar esta casa da Agolada. Não sei de história nenhuma, sei que a casa é de início do século XX, que teve obras nas anos sessenta, que onde acomoda quem chega tem quartos seguidos uns dos outros, uns poucos , lareiras várias nas salas e em sítios  de passagem, casa de banho que nos deixam de olhos pendurados nos azulejos, varandas sobre o relvado, plátanos a toda a volta, uma piscina antiga e um par de cães a quem tanto se lhes dá como se lhes deu que haja estranhos por ali – porque gostam mesmo de toda a gente ou já estão habituados – e um sótão cheio de camas de ferro que é uma coisa de outro mundo, das crianças, mas, por mim, morria ali em dias de tempestade…não sei senhores que lhes diga…

Gui Abreu Lima


Less than an hour from the Vasco da Gama Bridge, the path to Herdade da Agolada de Cima is quietly surrounded by trees from the Portuguese forest and their unique landscape.

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