Herdade da Agolada de Cima

Agolada de Cima is a unique place. It’s a release from modernity and abundance, a place where the smell of fresh lavender awakens calmness & happiness within us.

The household estate tells the story of years gone by with endless heart and soul. A place of intimacy & timeless nature, where the spirit of authentic Portugal lives and breathes without limitation. Touch the earth, the trees and feel the movement of life at a rhythm that belongs entirely to you.

Our suites are natural, comfortable and peaceful with a homely touch. It is the perfect venue for those longing for a sense of freedom and fresh open spaces to celebrate and fully immerse oneself in the heart of nature.

A paradise for friends, family and children with places to explore, unique gardens and exemplary typical architecture. Agolada works on a flexible basis, as all requests can be arranged within a timely matter such as breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner for large groups, outside activities, accommodation and many others.

The tent was built in 2001 for the purpose of hosting events at Agolada, giving support to the main house and located under the tall and green Eucaliptos, the tent can hold over 200 guests sited. The main house can sleep 22 people divided into 11 rooms. The little houses around the main house were renovated in order to host guests, sleeping over 40 people.