Ever though the wedding belongs to the two of you, the great person of the day is the bride! You’ll be the character of the day. Every detail counts. Here you will find dettailed calendar with everything you will need – what shoes to wear, who to invite and even to set a spending ceiling.

The folder allows you to change the pages at will. Therefore you can first, place the business cards or one of the supplied cardboar sheets with pouches where yu can store invoices or other documents.

Some blank sheets are also included sothe final notes can be saved. Sheets of plastic to store menus, magazine clippings or other suggestions are also still part of the folder.

Fill out the forms, use the checklists and aside by the agenda. Use it the way you think best. And then, years later, the Organizer, will always be at your side, next to your pictures on a bookshelf in your room.