When do you have to confirm the number of guests?
8 days ahead of the event.
Are outside caterers accepted?
In some cases, there will be a fee for the usage of our kitchen.
Is there any flexibility in the menu offered by Agolada?
There is tremendous flexibility – the menu can be agreed upon item by item with the couple.
What is the ratio of employees to guests?
Two employees for three tables of 10 persons.
Are there toilets in sufficient numbers conveniently located?
There are large bathrooms with six divisions for masters and six divisions and urinals for men, at a place near the tent.
Is there is a cloakroom and assistance in the bathroom?
There is a request and payment of hours that the employee is designated for that purpose.
Is there a porter?
There is one employee who will help with parking and an indication of access to facilities.
What size are the tables?
The tables are round with 1.60 in diameter.
Are the costs of tables, chairs, cutlery, dishes and towels included in the fee?
Are there any restriction in terms of decorations?
No. You can make up the decoration you like, since that made by the couple or budgeted by Agolada.
Is the parking free of charge?
How big is the dance floor?
It can be assembled according to the number of guests.
Is live music allowed?
Is there a piano?
The space for music is enough?
Is there a table for electrical equipment, sockets and extensions?
There is a support table for the equipment and chips nearby, but they need to bring electrical adapters and extensions.
Is there three-phase power?
How late can the music play?
There is no time limit.
Can drinks be served by Agolada at an open bar?
Yes, should you chose this option.
If I bring my own drinks will I have to pay anything?
There will be a fee for service and ice.
Does the cost of the wedding include cleaning supplies?
Is there enough electricity for lights and sound equipment?
The kitchen meets the needs?
Yes, the kitchen is very broad and meets the needs of any type of service