The couple’s table could take the shape they wish. It can be oval, rectangular or round equal to the guests of honor, up to 20 seats. The tables of the guests are round for 10 people. The tables are dressed in skirts in tow, covered with Ecru towels with white linen napkins. The chairs are covered with a white coating. Apart from this material that is part of the basic decor. If you prefer, you can hire all types of different chairs or towels for a price we have available on demand.

We provide decorated glass bowls, cups, candles, color bands and other assortments that are included in the price. Chandeliers and flower arrangements are at your disposal to pick , but in separate charges
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White decoration

White Decoration

Orange decoration

Orange Decoration

Blue decoration

Blue Decoration

Black decoration

Black Decoration

Pink decoration

Pink Decoration

Green decoration

Green Decoration

Red decoration

Red Decoration