Agolada – as the estate is known in the region – has always belonged the same family. The main house was built around the turn of the last century to support the farm and the family’s hunting. In the 60s, the house was remodeled by the current owner’s father, D. António Maria Sommer de Mello, 6th Count of Murça.

With the changes in the fields, the property that is predominantly forest, was adapted to the holding of festivals.

The houses that were once used as housing for families of workers who were born here, married and educated their children, now give accommodation to people who come here for parties and other events that prefer not to travel at night.

The decor of the rooms is marked by the simplicity of the walls and ceilings topped by lanterns, whitewashed walls and century-old brick, which, for many years, housed the footsteps of those who labored for olive oil, wine and other products that grew in these lands.