We organize various events in partnership with some companies in the region. Here are some suggestions:

Entertainment Events

Balloon rides and Children’s Day, World Water Day, Energy Day, Environment Day, comemorations with educational activities kite festivals, foosball table championships, paint-ball championships, outdoor activities for schools, businesses, municipalities and associations. Animation parties (birthdays, weddings, christenings). Thematic routes (“in the dinossaur’s trails”, “Journeys to the Center of the Earth”) Medieval Events .

Multi Activity

Traditional games, bird watching, face painting and balloon modeling, paintballing, archery, workshops, construction and flight of kites, demonstrations of synchronized flightwith kites, educational games in the environmental area (treasure hunt, orienteering, discovery of nature, etc..), magic and circus arts visits in half underground, paragliding and hot air balloon baptisms, bergs, medieval golf clinics,DJ entertainment, sound system and karaoke clinics, stand popcorn and cotton candy stands.


We organize hiking trails suitable for all ages, with different themes and difficulty levels. Come discover with us the particular aspects of our geology, flora, fauna, ethnography and architectural credited technicians accompany these groups.

Bike Trips (MTB)

We organize thematic or sporting tours for all terrain cycling suited to all ages.Come ride with us!