• Suite dos Noivos | 110€

    Room located on the 1st floor of the house of the” Feitor”. It features a King Size Bed, used by the bride and groom that get married at the estate, on their wedding night. It offers a panoramic view of the lawns of the estate. This room also has a large bathroom.

  • Suite das Crianças | 110€

    In this classic style presidential suite has a double D. Maria and is decorated with rich tile widow Lamego.

  • Suite dos Condes de Murça | 85€

    Emphasizing the bathroom worked with large mirrors, hand painted tiles by Viúva Lamego and coffee table, the room consists of two painted iron beds and banks called “conversadeira” typical of secular time, covered in stone with a wing chair for support. The window extends the room environment to natural surroundings of the estate, overlooking the woods and lawn.

  • Suite Maria Adelaide | 85€

    Room located on the ground floor of the house Sommer de Mello, the historical meaning of that is due to the care secular decorative bed with a D. Mary and tiles dating from the late nineteenth century.
The windows offer a panorama out of sight on the south wing of the lawns of the estate.
    This room suite has a private bathroom.

  • Suite Bernardinos (António Ana) | 65€

    This classic style presidential suite has a double Portuguese D. Maria bed and is decorated with Lamego tiles. The rural environment of this area lies in the decorative details in the living room, the bathroom has open views from the window onto the lawns of the estate.

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