Agolada – name of the estate as is known in the region – has been and continues to be in the same family.

The Sommer Family
Originally from Westphalia, Germany, until the time of retirement has important assets in the Spessart (Upper Franconia), belonging to the nobility of that region.
In the sixteenth century, those assets were divided and the family emigrated to England, Holland, the Palatinate and Bohemia.
In the last quarter of the eighteenth century it was the duchess of Brunswick branch of the family which belonged to Francisco Luis Henrique von Sommer, a lieutenant in the guard of the Duke of Burnswick who came to Portugal enlisted in the army for the liberal action.
Francisco Luis Henrique von Sommer became one of the 7500 “brave Mindelo, was promoted to captain and, after the siege of Oporto, was decorated with the Order of the Cruz de Espada.
In that city he married D. Rita Garcez Marcolina Fontes de Oliveira, they had seven children and continues his name in Portugal.

The Falcão Family
Luis Oliveira de Adolfo Sommer, born in 1853, marries to Adelaide da Costa Falcão. The marriage of Adelaide and Luis Adolfo borned two daughters, Fernanda and Branca, and one son Luís.

Luís died unmarried and without descendants, leaving heirs of all the wealth and heritage, for the two sisters.

In the early twentieth century, Luis Adolfo builds the Big House in Agolada to support the farm house and for family hunt gatherings.

The main residence of Luis Adolfo and his wife was at the Palace of Cardiga, which was purchased in 1898. Agolada becomes with him, a mainly forested land was mainly and then was about 12,300 acres.

The house that Luis Adolfo made thrive, remains undivided. Fernanda with Jorge de Mello, Count of Murça and Branca with Rui de Andrade. Great friends and accomplices both very devout, jointly managed the state with their husbands. They lived back and forth Estoril, Villa Sommer and Cardiga in Golegã.

Arrived in the ’60s, the Farm was then divided by two cousins, sons and heirs of the two sisters. Agolada is divided in half. Agolada de Cima, to the north side of National Road that crosses and Agolada de Baixo, Sommer de Mello and Sommer Andrade respectively.

The house is then refurbished by the current owner’s father, D. António Maria de Sommer de Mello, 6th Count of Murça.

After the death of D. António Maria Sommer de Mello in 1995, Agolada de Cima is divided into three parts which are to belong to three of his five children.