The Homestead

Agolada is one of a kind. It was not built on purpose, it was not put together intentionally. It is the present life of the accumulation of years that passed and has the soul that was left. “Without the artificial air conditioning and phones that play endlessly, without the television on the whole the time”, Agolada represents the scent of lavender, green and comfort over luxury.
Suites natural and cozy rooms are available to the guest, with attention to every detail and corner.
The Estate of Agolada is a place to rest and to get away from what we do in the city. There is no room service, but accommodations can be made with notice. The Internet can be used in the office of Agolada or feel free to use the wireless network. We also have a small library for those who like to read.
Agolada – name the estate as is known in the region – was and continues to be in the same family. Initially the House and property joined to make up about 5,000 acres of space. However, today, the property engulfs 10,000 acres of land.
The Casa Sommer de Mello, was built around the beginning of last century as a farm house and supported the hunting days.
In the 60s, the house was remodeled by the current owner’s father, D. Antonio Maria Sommer de Mello, 6th Count of Murça.
With the changes in the fields, the property that is predominantly forest, is available to provide privacy to those who choose to come when on the road, holidays, making a weekend getaways or programs created by us.
The decor of the rooms underneath the house, next to the lawn is marked by simplicity of oval walls topped by lanterns, the white plaster walls and tiled centenarian, that for many years, housed in the footsteps of those who labored the olive oil, the wines and other products that grew in these lands.