Having been part of the Portuguese Royal Estates until the mid-nineteenth century, Agolada hosted numerous hunting gatherings and was one of the preferred sites by the royal family for hunting deer and wild boar.

And since those times, the ranch has always been in the same family. An abundance of wildlife during the last century has been a delight to hunters and observers of nature alike.

The two lakes at Agolada were home hundreds of wild ducks, suchs as mallords, spoonbills, rabejuncos, etc. Thousands of rabbits, partridges and quail, fitted the extensive ecosystem.

The passage of migratory birds is common and the wild pigeon and the wild dove were frequent passers. Woodcock inhabited the deep woods during the winter.

Currently, Agolada is still a favorite to hunt partridge, quail, rabbits, ducks, pigeons and wild boars.

If hunting is not your preference you can still see these animals in their day to day. The ducks in the lake, foxes in the forest, hawks and falcons flying and sifting through the wind.

Come with your group and spend a day in Agolada to hunt partridges, pheasants, rabbits, hares and quail.

Price upon request.

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Agolada telephone and fax: 243 61 70 47
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