Our story is not a short one. The tale begins where our heart is located – Lisbon and especially our timeless and beautiful countryside estate Agolada. In 2001, founder Branca Franqueira opened the farm to guests and began welcoming people, creating dazzling and unique weddings and a variety of celebrations. A little bit later, in 2010, the now highly demanded LX Factory entered the dynamic of her wedding planning consultancy. The warehouse has since become the ideal venue for a canvas of creativity, and a unique space for weddings and events.

From here a brand had emerge, an established company became a force in Portugal’s and especially Lisbon’s event spheres. 2016 saw a development for the company as Portugal became increasingly recognized as a more than deserving destination for weddings. THE VOWS was created offering culture, style and innovation to couples with wanderlust and adventure.

Since 2018, the base has been at the LX Factory’s office space. With a quick rebranding, the company is now operating under the title VOWS. Today, a young, multicultural and creative team works alongside Branca’s everlasting passion to create inspiring dreams in Portugal like no other.

Let us show you Portugal’s countryside and let us show you love.